Understanding Jesus, The Bible & Our Calling Through the Story of Star Wars
By Mr. BibleThink
Comparing the iconic opening scrawl of a Star Wars movie to a genealogy in the Bible, Mr. BibleThink takes a look at the stories — or the storyline — that Jesus is introduced through in the first chapter of the Matthew's gospel, the beginning of the New Testament in order to articulate the calling Jesus has entrusted to all of His followers.
Attention Student Ministry Pastors, Normal Pastors and Event Organizers: You can host his standalone message at your church, conference or retreat. This message can be tailored to any age group — other than crying babies.
ALSO, this message is a segue into an entire live course Mr. BibleThink offers called, "The Complete Bible Saga" — formerly called, "BibleMania". It's an six/seven session overview of the entire Bible.

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